Top Yoga Poses You Need To Know

Best Types of Yoga – Learn Different Yoga Techniques

If you are a seasoned yoga practitioner, you know that yoga poses are some of the most important aspects of your yoga practice. This article will give Top Yoga Poses You Need to Know. You might have noticed that as you practice the poses you become more aware of certain body parts and how they are aligned with each other. For example, when you hold one pose and then transfer to another you will find that your pelvis is an area that is extremely important.

Top Yoga Poses You Need To Know
Top Yoga Poses You Need To Know

In fact, your entire body will feel better. This is because as you transfer from one pose to another your spinal alignment shifts. As you practice, you will get better at adjusting yourself so that your pelvis remains in the correct position. In addition, you will also become aware of your lower back, and any irregularities that may be present there.

Different Poses Of Yoga

This is the purpose of yoga poses, to help align your spine and pelvis. By understanding this basic premise, it should be clear that the proper posture for each pose is important. Here are some of the many yoga poses that you will want to try.

Asana: This is often taught with only one foot forward while standing or sitting. As you work in your chair or stand, gently bend at the waist and relax your arms and legs.


Savasana: This posture is often done on the floor, or in a chair with your knees bent slightly and your hands raised in front of you. This may sound like a very simple posture, but if you don’t keep it simple it can quickly turn into a disaster.


Sukhasana: This is another one that requires no equipment, but it can be challenging to balance. While you are lying down or sitting with your legs crossed on the floor, lift your head and shoulders off the floor and make sure your back is straight.

Ardha Uttanasana

This posture is normally you can do with your hands resting behind your back and your feet either side of you. Then, without leaning forward or leaning in towards your opponent, extend your arms overhead and clasp them together.

Mula Bandha Asana

This poses you can do with your hands laid across your heart, or resting on your chest. Keep your elbows gently hanging down, and your palms facing towards your back.


The handstand is a pose that has multiple names, but in essence, it involves kneeling down and then balancing yourself on your hands. This requires a lot of strength and balance, but if you practice regularly you will develop incredible strength and stamina.

Bilimbi: This you can do by Standing on your hands and raise your chest and head towards the sky and then raise your head and shoulders back towards the ground again.


Top Yoga Poses You Need To Know
Top Yoga Poses You Need To Know

This pose is best with a mat between you and your partner. Lying on your back with your elbows underneath your rib cage, reach out with your fingers to touch your partner’s forearms and your thumbs to your partner’s shoulders.

Trikonasana: This is a big power pose that you can do from just about anywhere. To do this, start in one place, and then stand tall and rest your feet behind you.

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