Three Good Ball Exercises For Your Upper Body

Ball Exercise - Helping Your Body Strengthen and Tone

The problem with doing simple exercises with a static ball is that you are just reinforcing good habits and doing the same things over again. To build your upper body into a stronger base, it is necessary to make different forms of ball exercises more challenging. This article will give you Three Good Ball Exercises for Your Upper Body.

In this article, I will teach you three exercises that will challenge you with simple stability ball exercises. These are effective ball exercises that you can do every day, at home. They will help you train the muscles that you need to tone and get stronger.

Ball Exercises For Your Upper Body

The first exercise I will show you is a simple ball push up. The top of the ball should be raised up to a comfortable level, and you can then lay down flat on the floor. After a few seconds, the ball should be brought back down to a low level. This will exercise your shoulder muscles by causing them to be pushed up against the resistance provided by the ball.

Three Good Ball Exercises for Your Upper Body
Three Good Ball Exercises for Your Upper Body

The second ball exercise that I will show you is the basic stability ball chin up. With the ball flat on the floor, you should lie down on your back. Now, with one hand, place it under the ball, and raise your head up and rest it on your shoulders.

The next way to go about this exercise is to start in a standing position, and then bring the hand back down as high as you can go. Remember, though, that your head must be able to touch the ceiling. It’s important to not just raise your head up, but you should also roll it as far back as you can.

The last exercise I will show you is another basic stability ball exercise. Stand up and take the ball out to the side. While keeping your feet firmly on the floor, you should roll the ball towards your back leg.

Safety Measures You Need To Take

You should not feel any pressure on your back. You should feel some resistance in your stomach, and your arms should feel like they are going to shake. This is your abs working hard, so use caution when attempting this exercise.

Three Good Ball Exercises for Your Upper Body
Three Good Ball Exercises for Your Upper Body

So far, I have talked about two types of exercises that will work with a ball. But these don’t take you all the way to building strength and muscle in your upper body. For this, you need to add a third form of ball exercises.

There are ball exercises that involve balancing. Balancing on the ball, while holding onto the other end of the ball with both hands, is the most common form of balance ball exercise. This type of exercise can help tone the upper back, lower back, and legs.

Different Types Of Exercise

Third, you should include some forms of side to side balance ball exercise. This includes balance on the ball while laying flat on your back. Lying on your side is a very good way to tone your core, and it can also help you keep a straight spine during your arm movements.

Three Good Ball Exercises for Your Upper Body
Three Good Ball Exercises for Your Upper Body

When you can combine the three basic exercises, you will find that you are improving not only your strength but your balance as well. At this point, you are likely starting to think about doing a simple warm-up routine, which will help you increase your strength and improve your range of motion.

Lastly, you should do some proper weight lifting exercises to maintain a strong core. These exercises should focus on getting your arms, hips, and legs stronger.

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