The Various Styles Of Sports Direct Yoga Mats

The Various Styles Of Sports Direct Yoga Mats

There are a number of sports direct yoga mats to choose from and many of them can help to make your day and your practice much more enjoyable. Here is a look at the various styles of yoga mats available.

The Various Styles Of Sports Direct Yoga Mats
The Various Styles Of Sports Direct Yoga Mats

Popular Sports Direct Yoga Mats

One style of sports direct yoga mats, one of the most popular, is the double yoga mat. They are made of two rectangular pieces of fabric that are connected together and have one side to overlap the other. These mats offer plenty of surface area for practicing but can be a little uncomfortable to hold in place when in use.

The single yoga mat is made of high-quality plastic material. It can withstand many uses and is very easy to move between different positions while practicing. Although, it is not as durable as the double or triple yoga mat style.

Sport yoga mats, made of mesh, also are available. There are several different sizes of these mats which come in several different colors, and a wide variety of textures. These mats tend to have little to no play in the weave pattern.

Men’s or women’s style yoga mats are also available. Many of these mats are available in a variety of color choices, and some offer different size and width for each gender. These mats offer many extra spaces that help students to better concentrate on their breathing or movements.

Durable Mats To Do Yoga

Because yoga mats are very durable, there are several different covers available for them. T-shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, or leggings are all available to wrap around the yoga mat. Most of these covers offer the protection of a top layer to protect the yoga mat from wear and tear.

Though there are a variety of styles and colors available for sports direct yoga mats, you will find that they all have the same basic features. These features include but are not limited to, a cloth bottom with a canvas top. These are meant to be lightweight, and as such, will generally come in a number of sizes.

One style of a yoga mat, a neutral yoga mat, offers the best combination of durability and support. These are typically made of cotton canvas and come in multiple sizes. In addition, they will be covered with a strong but breathable fabric which is ideal for hot yoga poses.

Another style of yoga mat is an elastic yoga mat. These are designed for ease of movement and are generally available in sizes between those of the neutral and the sports direct mats. Elastic yoga mats come in a variety of colors and patterns, and some will even offer pocket liners for added comfort.

The Various Styles Of Sports Direct Yoga Mats
The Various Styles Of Sports Direct Yoga Mats

Different Styles Of Yoga Mat

Some other styles of yoga mat are made of leather and plastic. These are especially popular with individuals who enjoy playing sports, or who wish to make sure that their mats can handle the abuse that they are likely to receive in practice.

One of the more advanced types of yoga mat is a leather surface yoga mat. These mats are very durable and are usually available in sizes of eight or larger. Because of their strength and durable surface, these mats offer the greatest amount of comfort for users.

No matter what your needs are for a yoga mat, there is one available that will meet them all. Many of the different styles of yoga mats offer many different advantages and the sport’s direct and neutral mats are not far behind.

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