Best Types Of Yoga – Learn Different Yoga Techniques


Yoga has come a long way since its inception. It started out as something practiced by Maharishi Vedic monks. Then came the Hatha Yoga of Bhagwan Shree Gangachari. Finally came the Bikram Yoga of Yogi Vasant Singh, whose students included famous personalities like actor Dev Anand and director Satyajit Ray. Today, Yoga offers many different types of Yoga Styles. The three main types are:

Types of Yoga – Learn Different Yoga Techniques
Types of Yoga – Learn Different Yoga Techniques

Standing Yoga

It is the most natural and comfortable type of Yoga. This method of practicing Yoga involves using the limbs, joints, and bones of the body as a platform for stretching the muscles. On a Standing Yoga practice, the practitioners stick to a certain set of Yoga Postures for twenty minutes or so. During this time, the practitioner should not move much as the purpose of this exercise is to stretch the body.

Seated Yoga

Seated: This method involves sitting for some time. It is the most popular type of Yoga. Because of the large number of people who practice it and the ease of practice. A relaxed, warm Yoga Position is ideal for those who want to enhance their flexibility and strength in the back. With seated Yoga, one must pay attention to the posture, back alignment, and breathing. Standing types also require the same high level of practice.

Hatha Yoga

This form of Yoga teaches that Yoga practice can serve many purposes. And, it is not limited to the mind. Hatha teaches that it is necessary to learn physical skills. The skills such as stretching, walking, running, balancing, leg lift, and other important body movements. Hatha is the oldest type of Yoga. It was developed during medieval times when the monks were on a crusade against spiritual darkness and death.

More About Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga was taught to the “buddhas” or enlightened beings who were sent to earth by the gods to protect and serve humanity. This yoga is very beneficial for those with back problems. They teach that the back needs to be flexible and strong in order to be able to withstand all types of activities. Hatha is a type of Yoga that involves sit-ups, deep squats, lunges, and some other exercises, which create more than enough tension to stretch the spine. The Sanskrit term for Hatha Yoga is Jnana Yoga. In this type of Yoga, the students learn how to utilize the powers of meditation, concentration, and physical exercises for better performance.

Types of Yoga – Learn Different Yoga Techniques
Types of Yoga – Learn Different Yoga Techniques

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga: This new type of Yoga combines elements of standing and seated exercises. This Yoga Style is considered to be less demanding than its other counterparts. It also is an excellent way to strengthen the body, strengthen the muscles, and can promote good health. This type of Yoga also requires more flexibility than other forms. There are no pelvic or back supports to hold the body in place as the pose is basically performed on your own. There are very few poses that require that the yogi sits on a lot of difficult supports.

Last But Not The Least

The Satya: The Satya is another form of Yoga where the yogi does not have to stand up. Sitting may be necessary, but the yogi does not stand. This type of Yoga can be as simple as lying on your stomach or it can be complicated as the sun kundalini (tantra energy) is used to aid the body in attaining Kundalini, the highest form of Yoga.