7 Ways Aerial Yoga Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level


Aerial yoga is the latest trend in fitness currently. When you see the pictures of people performing it on the internet, it does feel like a very gorgeous form of exercise. You execute various gravity-defying poses by hanging in a cloth hung from the ceiling. These are not as hard as they look like and one does not have to be an acrobatic pro to perform these.

You need to get into a silky sling-like hammock hung from the ceiling. This cloth hammock will support your entire body weight. You will perform various anti-gravity poses inside the fabric. You can also use it as a suspension trainer, as it supports your feet for various exercises like push-ups, etc. Women can easily lose up to two and a half pounds if they practiced aerial yoga thrice a week for a duration of 50 minutes for a total of six weeks. They also managed to lose two percent of body fat. This is a moderate-intensity workout that can also get more rigorous. So, if you want to indulge in a different form of workout that not only helps you burn fat, but also makes you feel aligned with the fitness fad, then this exercise form is for you.

7 Ways Aerial Yoga Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Benefits Of Aerial Yoga Class

You Don’t Need Any Skills

Anyone can perform these exercises and they don’t need any particular skill set. The beginner class can easily teach you the tricks of the form and you can start performing from the first day itself.

It Is A Good Abs Workout

When you perform the gravity-defying exercises, you take your weight off the ground. This engages your core and you do not even feel the stress. It is a promising abs workouts. Your core strength increases a lot too.

7 Ways Aerial Yoga Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level
7 Ways Aerial Yoga Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level

It Feels Thrilling

It is one of the most thrilling exercise forms of recent times. You feel like you are doing acrobatics and gymnastics easily. It is a lot of fun and enjoyable.

You Will Find Your Mat Poses Easier To Perform

Once you start performing aerial yoga, you strengthen your back and core. This will automatically increase your stamina and you will find it easier to perform the various yoga poses on a mat.

Aerial Yoga Is A Great Form Of Cardio Too

Those who perform aerial yoga displayed increased muscle mass and reduced body fat. Along with increasing your strength, these exercises also give a cardio workout to the body. It feels like traditional cardio exercises like swimming and cycling. A person can burn up to 320 calories in a 50-minutes aerial yoga class.

It Is Zero Impact

This exercise is easy on the joints and those with arthritis or joint pains can perform these low-impact exercises easily.

Gives You A Feeling Of Zen

After a 50-minute class of aerial yoga, you will find your body active, stamina improved and your mind calmer. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety. A typical class ends with lying in a savasana in the fabric hammock and gently swinging from one side to another. This puts you in a contented state of mind and a blissful feeling of zen.